People, Leadership & Culture

In March, SACCS renamed the People and Culture Standing Committee to become the People, Leadership and Culture Standing Committee (PLCSC), to reflect the new CEO organisation structure.

The committee, comprising members representing school principals, parents, business managers/finance officers and human resource professionals met on seven occasions during 2020.

The Committee received regular reports from Catholic Safety, Health and Welfare including work health and safety notifications to SafeWorkSA and incidents reported in the Education Sector; also injury management reporting from Catholic Church Insurance.  Senior executives from these two organisations presented their reports to the committee at two meetings each, which provided the opportunity for members to engage in deeper discussions regarding relevant matters.

During 2020 the committee received reports, revised policies and procedures and considered matters of significance to CESA including:

  • updating of e-screening requirements for Third Party providers
  • leadership and workforce development programs and initiatives
  • Child Protection reporting
  • updated policies and procedures:
    • Code of Conduct for Staff Employed in Catholic Education South Australia
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Reimbursement to Schools for Staff Suspended from Duties
    • Adoption of Archdiocese of Adelaide Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Port Pirie Diocese Child Safeguarding Policy
    • Reporting Harm of Children and Young People
    • Camps, Excursions, Sporting and Adventure Activities
    • Student Overseas Travel Excursions
    • Duty of Care
    • Whistleblower
    • Complaint Response and Resolution.

People, Leadership & Culture Section

The People, Leadership and Culture section was formed from the commencement of 2020 following the CEO re-structure and brought together Leadership Development and People and Culture into one section.  Three teams were formed and new management positions were developed for the following:

  • Human Resources and Workforce Planning – led by Ranel Juanta
  • Leadership and Workforce Development – led by Sue Kennedy-Branford
  • System Safeguarding and Development – led by Steve Genesin.

Transition meetings were conducted with all staff moving to the new section and a formation and planning day was held on 22 January 2020 to prepare for the year ahead in alignment with the SACCS Corporate Plan.  The section made a smooth relocation to the Kilmara site and a seamless transition to the new year.

Human Resources