Infrastructure Planning & Development

Infrastructure Planning & Development Committee

The Infrastructure Planning and Development Committee supported CESA with critical assessment and peer review of Master Planning, Capital Developments, proposed Land Acquisitions and oversight of capital grants programs funded by the Australian Government and South Australian Government throughout 2020.


During the year, the committee considered several issues of importance in developing a plan for the location and structure of Catholic schools across the State and for capital development in existing schools.

Master Planning

In 2020 the committee endorsed eight school master plans.  Several schools are currently being assisted with master plans. Master Plans are an important element of Infrastructure, Planning and Developments work.

Land Acquisition

The cCommittee manages the Property Acquisition Register which records the details of properties approved for potential future acquisition.  In conjunction with master planning, schools that are constrained for space are encouraged to act now to enable the site to be expanded for the benefit of future generations.

Four schools submitted applications for twelve properties to be added to the Register and all were endorsed by the committee and FISC and noted by SACCS and four properties were purchased.  

Capital Development

The committee endorsed Capital Development applications from 25 schools for projects totalling $94.36m. In addition, five projects were approved via their Business Case being special projects with a total value of $44.3m.

Critically reviewing capital development proposals, supporting schools through the Australian Government and South Australian capital grants programs and providing strategic advice that enables schools to make the most of their resources are significant roles for the Infrastructure Planning and Development Committee.

Australian Government and South Australian Government Capital Grants

The main external sources of project funding available for allocation in 2020 were under the Australian Government - Capital Grants Program (approximately $6.2m) and the South Australian Government capital grants program ($5.75m). The committee assessed 19 applications for funding and grants were recommended for 12 schools.

For the 2020 - 2021 financial year, the South Australian Government committed an additional $5.8M in Capital Grants.

Capital Development Projects endorsed by IPAD Committee in 2020